Starting from scratch, or bringing your current elevators up to date, Cardinal Elevator is here to help. We use only the best non-proprietary equipment. Don’t get stuck servicing proprietary equipment for the next 20+ years. We’re on your side, we don’t have products to push. We develop an equipment plan for you based on your needs. We work with the space you have and create a custom design, minimizing wasted space and delivering a more suitable solution.


Modernizations take on all different shapes and sizes, but we can create the package that works for your needs and budget. Often times we can replace key aging parts without replacing the entire system, extending the useful life of the machinery by years. Modernization protects your investment and ensures many more productive years for your elevators. See if modernization is right for your elevators. We can give you a quote to update your equipment.


New Installations

Some projects require an entirely new system, either do to obsolescence, new construction, or the required repairs outweigh the cost of a new system. New systems require a significant investment in time and money. We advocate on your behalf and find the equipment package that works best for your building. We have non-proprietary equipment contacts. When selecting the right systems we do so with your best interest in mind, not for our financial benefit. Partnering with an independent provider adds a member to your team, someone in your corner.

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